Iota Zeta Chapter History 

Iota Zeta Chapter was founded April 22, 1978. 
Our membership is comprised of women educators in northern California from Fort Bragg south to Gualala. 

Charter members included: 

Carolyn Barrett 
Sylvia Erickson Yoneda Bartley 
Sylvia Kozak-Budd 
Catherine Corey 
Shari Crew 
Patricia Ford 
Eleanor Lane 
Lucille Logan 
Suzanne Moe
Chris O'Brien 
Mary Evelyn Richey 
Francine Selim 
Cynthia Speed 
Helen Stauer 
Denise Stanley Stenberg 
Phyllis Warren 
Jane Zeek

Iota Zeta Chapter began April 22, 1978 with members coming from Willits, Ukiah, Point Arena, Manchester, Little River, Mendocino and Fort Bragg. Members of Epsilon Upsilon were our sponsers and attended our meetings to encourage our efforts to organize. By 1980 , other coastal Delta Kappa Gamma members transferred in and Iota Zeta was well on its way.

In the past twenty-five years we have had over one hundred twenty-five programs, planned by various Vice-Presidents and executive boards who met during the summer to plan each year. All have been interesting, designed to inform, educate and sometimes entertain in a social setting.

We organized fundraisers as a yearly project to give grants-in-aid to high school graduates who desired to become teachers. We also sponsored other activities such as Teacher's Day in all the different schools, a story reading hour at the library, and remembering Hospitality House on Valentine's Day. We gave grants to three elementary schools for buying books, donated to College of the Redwoods Scholarship Foundation, and hosted a Chi State traveling workshop. We organized Reading Day at the Mall, purchased First Day - New Clothes for kindergarten students, purchased shoes for needy children, and purchased equipment for the Middle School. We became a Book Angle for coastal children, and donated the complete set of "What Happened to the Little Red Schoolhouse" to the new Chi State Education Center. Currently, we are giving "Books for Babies" to new mothers at the hospital and are assembling and publishing a book to celebrate our 25th Anniversary.

The funds for these awards and projects came from selling brooms, appointment calendars, and cookbooks; rummage and estate sales; various food concessions at community events; raffle baskets at meetings; retiree's luncheons; book sales; auctions; and donations from our members, other interested people and organizations.

That these projects benefit students of our coastal schools and fulfill the need to contribute to our coastal community is a tribute to the intelligence and vision of the members of Iota Zeta Chapter.